I absolutely LOVE it when someone "sparks" an idea I can run with! A few days ago, I was in the midst of my daily text-conversation with my friend, K. 

We've known each other for over a decade in both a professional and a friend/fellow mom sense. How she can find time to even text me is a marvel; she home-schools 3 young boys as well as cares for an infant! I'd need caffeine fed intravenously! Here's her blog: http://feetkissearth.com

She asked if I made cards; I said, "Of course!" The theme? A pretty sugar skull for her sister-in-law. Challenge accepted!

I'm fairly new to vector-based designing, but this came quicker than anticipated. It's really just a series of 5-6 circles, manipulated and sized (with exception to the swirl on the forehead). This was so awesome and fun to create!



04/10/2017 2:00am


01/03/2018 3:16am

Great ideas you have here. It shows a lot of your creativity. I wonder how I will fare on that category. I am a business-oriented person. I do believe that I still practice being creative. You see solving a range of problems is not easy. I would have to tap into my skills, especially my negotiation capabilities as I deal with different types of people. Good thing I have my parents to seek advice from when the going gets really tough.

04/10/2017 2:54am

Well K is very cool because she can multitask almost all of it. The link of the blog has been already error, could you post the link to her blog. The card that you made is lovely. The theme is sort of cool because it is a pretty sugar skull. The design is pretty. I am sure that her sister in law is going to like this.

11/08/2017 11:04am

Can you make a custom card for me? You are very creative. I love your artworks.


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