I absolutely LOVE this time of year! Sure, it means back-to-school, and, in my case, back-to-work, but we thrive on routine. We were starting to get a wee bit squirrely at the end of August!

Today, I wanted to write about making stuff for dudes. Unless they have some sort of hobby, it's brutal to try and create something for them! As mentioned in several posts, making zombie-related stuff for my brother is easy (though I suspect he may be thinking, "Enough with corpse art!" :) However, items for dads, grandpas and even for teen guys is often a challenge.

Pictured here is a card created with a teen in mind. This particular teen is an Xbox fan, but I'm sure it would be just as easy to create a Playstation controller. Glossy Accents (a 3D gloss medium and glue) helped create the various buttons, while the rest, I designed on my Silhouette Cameo. I think the Silhouette Design Store has a cut file, but I tend to make my own.

Another item to make for dudes - t-shirts! Almost all men wear them. What to put on them is another story. And what guy would turn away candy? Using etching medium on a glass jar is an easy, and fairly frugal, gift.

A week ago, my "baby" brother turned 38, and in keeping with my theme of giving him zombie-related gifts, I decided to try my hand at altering a baseball hat.

The good thing about using a font similar to The Walking Dead? If it's messy, it goes with the look! It's really difficult to iron vinyl on to a baseball hat . . .

I came up with the gruesome idea to use my daughter's hands as the bloody handprints. It's as though a zombie child took a bite out of his head.


Below is a close-up of the t-shirt I made him for Christmas. *giggles* Zombie-puns!

Nowadays, you can't swing a proverbial cat without hitting an Alicia, Allysha or Alisha. However, growing up in the 80s, I was always The Only Alicia in the entire school - and I grew up in a very large suburb! Each school year, the teacher would call out attendance for the first time, invariably pronouncing my name as, "A-lish-a" or "A-lee-see-a" and sometimes, "A-lisa." It got to the point where the entire class would chime, "It's A-lee-sha!" en masse, while I just smiled.

On family vacations, I searched, in vain, for my name on key chains, magnets and the like. There was never a licence plate or sign reading, "Alicia St." Now, I can find my name everywhere and I shamelessly buy anything I find. 6 year old Alicia still wants a fuzzy tipped, pink pen with her name on it.

My nieces, sister-in-law and practically every friend HB has in school all have unique names. I imagine they all feel the same as I did - "Where am I?" they must think. That's why I go on personalizing binges. My Silhouette Cameo is a treasure in this department - I can pretty much personalize anything I can create. In this multicultural society, I can imagine a lot of kids named Khushi, Jiya, Prabroop, and even non-traditionally named kids like Yukon, Blaise and Nevaeh are in the same boat as Little Alicia.

So, if you cannot find your name emblazoned on toothbrushes and notepads - I can make it happen for you!