Blame it on my Doctor Who binging or procrastination, but my first few posts will be skipping throughout time. In order to explain what exactly spark! is and how it came to be, I need to cover some groundwork. So, in other words, you've been warned. Muwhahahaha!

Let's begin, using a vaguely chronological fashion, in August 2013. I had recently joined the ranks of unemployed in order to concentrate on what I've come to call "my most important job: motherhood." 

The months leading up to my departure were terrifying, yet oddly freeing. I knew I was embarking on something new for me. With exception to my maternity leave, I've been a "career woman" for my entire adult life. What would I do without a title? A business card? Wait - no more endless meetings upon meetings to discuss previous meetings?  No more impossible deadlines met and then ignored by superiors? OMG - NO superiors?! Hmmm, maybe it was a good idea I saved all my money since my mat leave. This might be the best thing for me, in like, ever.

I had the remains of the summer to spend entirely with my daughter (herein to be known as HB). I was determined to have an awesome time with her, start creating art for Christmas gifts in the autumn and basically, "take the rest of the year off." Sweeeeeet! 

At this time, starting a business was just an idea, percolating in the back of my wee mind . . . 

*cue sappy music*

Here's the part in the post where things get, well, sappy. I have OCD tendencies. Not in a cheesy, "we all have OCD" way. More like a "This is what a shrink told me" kinda way. Now, the specifics aren't interesting nor are they relevant. Just know that I have it. One good thing about my ruminations? I will find an interest and research the livin' daylights out of it. I store all these little interests, these "sparks," if you will, to dust off when the timing is just right.

At some point, I end up using these "sparks" - in my previous career or in my own art.  You get the idea. Those little, niggling ideas squirming in my wee mind eventually turn into  . . . .something.

HB loves all things My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. As a Gen X'er, I missed that toy/cartoon phase, but I've been happy to jump into this with her. However, it bothers us what Hasbro decides to create and sell. Two items in particular:

1) They do not sell Twilight's crown or the other ponies' Elements of Harmony (this only makes sense if you have a kid and/or are a Brony/Pegasister :) 

2) The pets that do come with certain ponies look nothing like they do in the show.

"I think I can make them," I said to HB one afternoon.

That "sparked" the cute lil' Angel Bunny you see above. Which "sparked" into other MLP pets and accessories. And that spark led to an obsession with polymer clay.

But, those are tales for other posts.