Warning: Please excuse the quality of the photos below; this was before we installed better lighting in the studio!

After working on HB's MLP pets and Elements of Harmony, I kept flaming the fires of a little "spark" for a Christmas gift for my brother. As die-hard zombie fans, we often text throughout episodes of The Walking Dead - "OMG! That was BRUTAL!" or "Ewww! Can you imagine being the actor opening that stomach?!" 

You get the idea. 

Another element to this "spark" is my obsession with Space Channel's (SciFi in the US) Face/Off. HB and I love watching this show, which is basically Survivor for make-up artists. My favourite part? When they do the "sculpt."

I have never sculpted before, but each time I watched this show, I'd think, "Man, I really want to take a sculpting class!" I then followed up that thought with - "I think I can do that!"

So, with these thoughts in mind, I breathed life into this spark and made a "computer charm" for my brother's monitor. I think it turned out pretty well for a first time. It's gross. It looks like the undead. Awesome! Except I made it for the wrong corner of the monitor - it would cover the "File" drop-down menu. D'uhhhhh!

I made another one that fits in the centre. I gave him this one for a TV.