Happy Very Belated New Year!

Our computer was hit with a particularly nasty ransom-ware virus last October. For the uninitiated (and I sincerely hope most are!) this type of virus worms its way into the majority of files and corrupts them. You are then instructed to pay a "ransom" to some lovely hacker, halfway across the world to get the key to restore your files. Maybe.

I get the motivation of these hackers - mostly money and for the sheer thrill of creating these viruses, simply because they can. I do not agree with the attacks on "Big Business" but I can see the allure - stick it to The Man, man! But, why attack personal computers of regular people? People with a fledgling business? Or parents with videos and pictures of their children that could be lost forever? Shameful.

That aside, I had quite a few "sparks" for this past Christmas. Seeing how this is mostly a "catch-up" post, perhaps it's best to just refer back to the Past Projects page to see what spark! was up to this past autumn! See here.

(Above - one variation of our 2014 Christmas card)